3 Unconventional Choices in St. George

Are you looking to invest in property but aren’t sure what you want yet? 

Yes, investing in real estate can make or break a financial success story. You’ll find, there’s a lot of options. Why not take the road less traveled? There might be different entryways into the real estate highway, and niche property investing is one of them. 

Most people tend to neglect these options, but more and more visionary investors are starting to notice this income generating blind spot in real estate investments. Why is that? Because these aren’t seen daily and aren’t expected to produce high income.

Wait, Let’s back up for a minute and answer an important question. What is niche property investing? For the benefit of those who aren’t familiar yet, Wikipedia defines a niche is a specialized sector of the property market. These are often categories in which potential buyers think about the property they seek. They are also used by real estate marketing companies to reach these types of buyers. 

You are about to find out a few of our favorite examples. Here are three unique niche real estate investments—not just in Carrollton, but also the majority of states and cities in the United States.


Only visionaries buy a property. If you are a visionary, you can see potential in a patch of dirt that is usually overlooked. Of course, you have to consider if it’s in a good location to make sure that it is no mistake to build and improve on it. If you have the capital or the business partner who has the capital, perhaps it’s possible to develop a subdivision or a condominium. It could be highly profitable to sell smaller lots if you come upon a large parcel of land, divide it up and sell to different individuals.

Leasing it out for parking, putting up a warehouse for storage, or using it for recreational purposes would be great ideas too because there will be low operation and upkeep cost, but you can potentially make 100% profit from rental income. Usual, required costs could include clearing and landscaping. Land property taxes are also low. Low cost, high potential income. Win-win!

It is also effortless to maintain land but before you start buying property in any area, scoop some info about the future plans in the area you want to invest in. Buy with more than one intention so that you have a lot of income potential even if one or two of the plans didn’t push through. It would be best to seek the help of a land-savvy realtor who can help you get a return of investment — someone who can help you come up with fantastic land ideas and is familiar with the local market.

Mobile Homes

Again, we’re looking at low operation cost but high-income potential. That’s also the case with investing in mobile homes. If you compare the prices of a single or multi-family home with plunging into mobile homes investment, the latter is obviously at lower costs and easier to manage. It is less costly to purchase, rehabilitate, and fix up. 

Mobile homes don’t call for the intense renovation that a regular home would require. Often, you’ll make a great deal with people who want to relocate immediately and clients are everywhere. Tiny homes have become a trend because it is more efficient, and it forces them to live a minimalistic life. 

When done correctly, investing in it opens up the potential for big profits even if it might not be prestigious to own a mobile home. 

REIT’s & Investment Clubs

This might require high capital, but the profit potential is through the roof! When many people join up and build trust, that’s when Real Estate Investment Trusts or REIT’s are formed. You’ll have the ability, along with many, many other investors to buy apartment buildings, shopping complexes, and even skyscrapers. First, you have to do your research then decide which you’d like to invest in. Thousands of people make up REIT’s, so it tends to be impersonal. But when you decide on the right one, the income potential is also skyscraping. 

On the other hand, investment clubs are customarily made of no more than 20 persons – much smaller than REIT’s, but the idea of gathering their funds is there. They are more hands-on and personal, with each member playing essential roles to assure the success of the investment. They decide as a group, voting on what to invest on while the profits are commonly portioned out to the percentage that each member has shelled out.

Now that you know these three least-known ways to earn in property investment, I encourage you to do your own research, decide on what you want, and start investing! Already know what you want? We’re here for you. We can guide and help you find what you’re looking for! Contact us and ask about what you’re looking for. Send a message or speak to a representative today! 866-409-0670