3 Ways to Attract Buyers to Your Property

A well thought out price is a great way to attract buyers to your property. But this is not enough. You need to employ other techniques to grab the attention and entice your buyers to your property. Do you want to know some of these techniques?

In this article, we are teaching you the three ways to attract buyers and make them paying customers.

Increase Curb Appeal to Attract Buyers

They say that first impressions last. And that is the same in buying a property.

The initial reaction/impression of the property plays a significant role in the decision to buy the property or not. Therefore, you should work on making the first impressions impactful.

Start making small changes here and there, especially in the front yard. This is the first thing that the buyers see. Do this without breaking your bank. Just make sure that the grasses are properly trimmed, the mailbox doesn’t look old, or that the front porch is appropriately painted. You can also add ornaments like flowers or plants near the walkway to add to the aesthetic appeal of the place. 

Did you see those postcard pictures of houses? That could be something you could emulate on your property. So, prepare your front yard as if you’re home is going to be a subject of a photo shoot. Some D.I.Y. decorations could be a good idea, too!

Additionally, make sure to keep your backyard clean and make sure that the landscaping is up to date. You can add appeal to the backyard by putting a small tea table set or some benches somewhere. Adding ornaments and furniture can do a lot to boost the appeal of your backyard.

Just remember, make your property beautiful without breaking the bank. You could end up not getting any returns of investment beyond what you’ve already spent. Keep it simple but tidy and attractive. You can always get a lot of D.I.Y. ideas by searching online.

Avoid Over-Personalization and Clutter

Amid all the beautification and image building that you’re doing to attract buyers to your property, you might end up making your house a little bit too personalized.

Well, a few personal touches are not going to be a problem. Some generic tabletops and sofa, some bookshelves with a few books, and some corner table or bed tables with lamps are almost always a good idea. However, setting a color coding, adding a personal theme, or putting personal or family pictures in some of these areas can be unwelcoming to buyers. They might feel that they are invading your home instead of buying their new one.

Keep your place tidy and orderly during the buyers’ visit. You don’t want your clients to be dissuaded by the clutters in the house. Make sure items are placed where they go. Make sure things are not lying on the floor or on top of the table where they can easily be seen. 

Setting the mood can Attract Buyers to Your Property

Every house has an aura. Some homes look and feel dark, and some feel light and happy. As an owner or real estate agent, you can set the mood so that the buyers can feel the positive vibes from your property.

One way to lighten or set the mood is to make sure that the lighting inside the house is beautiful. Put on extra light if needed or a few candles for a more romantic effect. You can use scented candles, but only with natural scent, like a smell of fresh bread or a scent of lavender, making the house smell calming and soothing.

You can also play soft music in the background. Some calming music will make your buyer feel more comfortable and relaxed while viewing your property.

As mentioned above, color coding is not advised. However, you can always use neutral colors in your decorations. This will allow the client to imagine how they would decorate the house once they move in. It will also help if you keep your wall color neutral so that there’s a lot of wiggle room for the buyers in terms of choosing colors for decorations.

So those are some of the things that you can do to attract your buyers to your property. If you have more questions or if you don’t know what to do or where to start in selling your property, contact us at BRESS, LLC and we will be glad to assist you. We’re waiting for you to give us a call anytime! 866-409-0670